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Floatify is an app that enhances user control for incoming notifications. Floatify helps you to make heads-up notification for your favorite applications. Through this application you also can send quick replies directly from the notification.
Some screenshots of Floatify

FLOATIFY is quite simple to install but users will need help in deciding from which apps they get notifications.

It is recommendable for relatives and/or professionals to have a look at the initial configuration (interaction, settings, style and position) in order to choose the perfect settings for the users.

Here you can find some videos about the app


App awareness
FLOATIFY app can be very helpful to develop the following dimensions:

  1. Independence and autonomy:
    1. Floating notifications can make users more autonomous, as they can read notification texts directly on the screen without unlocking it or asking others to help them.
    2. Notifications keep on floating until you open them so users are reminded about events and can do the things by himself.
  2. Social inclusion and civic participation:
    1. Relatives and professionals can decide which notifications should appear to remind users about things to do.
    2. The user can decide when to answer notifications and give a sort of “priority” to them simply reading the texts on the locked screen.



FLOATIFY is useful to facilitate the reading of notifications as it is very visual as is shows complete texts and not only icons.

It can be used to give priority to things that should be done (what is needed to be done immediately or can be postponed).

It is advisable to ty and use FLOATIFY for few weeks in order to figure out some settings that can facilitate and simplify the using of the main applications to get notifications (e.g. WhatsApp, messaging, calendar).

The supports needed are higher in the initial configuration phase but them they can be intermittent depending on the capabilities of the IDP.

Privacy issues

By using Floatify we see no need to develop privacy guidelines since it simply shows notifications from other apps already installed in the smartphone/tablet.

Additional materials

Video with information about the app (in English):

Practical Activities

1) Activity title: My daily tasks

  • Acivity objectives: remember users what they have to do during the day at the centre; help users be more indipendent in their tasks.
  • Proposed participants: IDPs attending a specific centre.
  • Resources needed and support materials: each user should have a smartphone on which personal notifications appear.
  • Acitvity timing: an entire day at the centre…

First of all, professionals should help IDPs fix some daily tasks on the calendar (for example: check the mail box of the centre, ) and allow floating notifications for this app.

Then, during the day, IDPs will receive floating notifications for the assigned tasks and should try and do them by themselves (without comments or reminders from the professionals)

2) Activity title: Group decisions

  • Acivity objectives: make users express opinions and participate to shared decisions.
  • Proposed participants: IDPs attending a specific centre.
  • Resources needed and support materials: each user should have a smartphone on which personal notifications appear.
  • Acitvity timing: a couple of days


First of all, professionals should create a Whatsapp group with all IDPs of the centre and help them allow floating notifications for this app.

Then IDPS will receive floating notifications from Whatsapp (sent by professionals at the end of the day at the centre) asking for ideas for a leisure acitvitiy to be realized after two days.

IDPs can answer immediately or decide to answer later trying also to get to a common decision.



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