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Whatsapp is an application that lets you send and receive messages for free from your mobile phone.

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You can also send and receive images, videos and voice recordings, make and receive calls from friends and family, and send locations saying exactly where you are.

Whatsapp features

Hardware: tablet, smartphone, pc

Software: (Mobile): Android, iOS, Windows Phone; (Desktop) Windows, Mac, Linux


By using Whatsapp you would:

  • Be in touch with your friends, relatives… at all times in a fast and funny way.
  • Send pictures, videos, texts, your location… to your contacts.
  • Call your contacts when connected to a wi-fi network.
  • Express emotions by using emoticons.
  • Improve your skill when using your smartphone.
  • Feel safe knowing that Whatsapp can help you to be in contact with the persons you want when you need it most.




You can use WHATSAPP in your smartphone or tablet.

To do that, you must first download and install the program.

Ask for help if you have doubts.

Here you have the instructions. Press the image to view or download the instructions.





WHATSAPP has a lot of features for communicating with others.

We have prepared some easy instructions to use WHATSAPP, but if you get lost… ASK FOR HELP!


Press the image to view or download the detailed instructions on how to use WHATSAPP


Practical Activities

Right now your Whatsapp is already installed in your smartphone. We propose you to do the following activities:

ACTIVITY 1. Sending a message to your best friend.

Objective: Learn how send text messages.

Select your best friend contact and send him or her a typed message inviting him to your house to see a film.

Together with the text, select the emoticon that express better how do you feel about that plan with your friend and also an emoticon that explains better what the film is about.

ACTIVITY 2. Sending a picture/video to your best friend.

Objective: Learn how to send pictures or videos.

Using the smartphone camera, ask your one of your relatives to take pictures of you, one smiling, one serious, and other doing silly or funny things.

Once you have your pictures stored in your smartphone, select your best friend contact and send him or her the picture that defines how you are in that moment.

ACTIVITY 3. I don´t know how to go back home and want my parents to pick me up.

Objective: Learn how send a location.

Imagine that you have been out with friends, at some point they have left home and you are alone, but don’t how to go back home.

You decide to send a message to your parents asking them to pick you up, together with the location where you are.

Select your parents contacts or your parents whatsapp group, and send them the location where you are, then type “please pick me up I am alone and don’t know how to go back home”, tell your parents by using emoticons how do you feel.

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