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“Kitchen stories” offers the opportunity to discover new delicious recipes and cooking inspirations.

All recipes are easy to recreate and come with beautiful pictures, easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and clever how-to videos – all completely free of charge!

The sleek design and availability in 12 languages, make it a very user-friendly and truly global app.

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The app at a glance:

  • discover tasty, easy-to-cook recipes offered in various thematic packages (e.g. “pasta recipes”, “delicious smoothies” or “grill special”, including many vegan and gluten-free recipe ideas)
  • hd video recipes guide you through preparing the dishes
  • step-by-step photo instructions make recipes easy to follow
  • how-to videos explain basic tips and tricks in the kitchen
  • new recipes and how-to videos are added every week, all free of charge

Special features:

  • add automatically generated shopping lists and plan your dinner on the go
  • collect and save your favorite recipes
  • set the integrated timer and get notified when your dish is ready
  • make use of the practical measurement converter
  • save comments with the integrated notepad for each recipe
  • invite and share kitchen stories with your friends

Mobile Kitchen stories app


Kitchen Stories app can run on PC tablets and smartphones.



Kitchen stories can help to develop the following quality of life dimensions:

  • Autonomy:
    • To have the opportunity to choose what you want to eat and cook, increasing the self-determination
    • To have a list of what you need to buy and do to for cooking
    • To increase the self-esteem and creativity
  • Health:
    • To choose healthy recipes
    • To prepare healthy food
    • To eat healthy
  • Multimedia/video
    • To use computer, tablet or smartphone
    • To use the help for supporting everyday activities (preparing food)
  • Leisure
    • To prepare food for yourself or for friends
    • To be active and give ideas what to prepare for dinner


Supports needed for IDPs when using this app

  • IDP could need support in accessing the app (switch on the smartphone or tablet or pc, look for the app and opening it).
  • Some videos could be too fast for IDP, so it is important to show them the possibility to click on the video to “pause” it and then click again to restart it.
  • Some pictures with steps on how to prepare some receipts are not complete so IDP could need help in some phases of the cooking process.
  • As for some receipts there is the need to cut food, use the oven etc. it is important to know if the IDP needs support in these activities.

Tips for relatives and professionals

  • This app could really help in developing the creativity, self-esteem and self-determination of IDP so talk with them and help them to express his desires and put him in the situation to have the possibility to do things by himself.
  • Encourage the IDP by organizing little moments where the family or colleagues or friends can eat what the IDP have prepared. This will give him satisfaction and will encourage him to cook again.

How to cook class


  • Being an app concerning food, it is important to check possible allergies or if a person needs to follow a special diet, before starting the activity.
  • Cooking implies some risks (fire, gas, hot water…) and some hygiene standards (washing, cleaning,…) that have to be considered.


More additional materials

Foodcom – B4COM

CUDV Draga was partner in Zero- Barrier project- Foodcom. The main aim was with similar constraints as in the field of catering trade. B4Com created a set of visual-gestural codes which has for objective to restore an efficient communication. Main aim is to help users understand easily and make progress in independence and communication.

Gestures part Zero- Barrier project- Foodcom we can use in practical activities.

More in video:


.You can also download an activity developed during this project.Click on the image.
Example Kitchen stories


Green Kitchen

There is also the vegetarian version of this app:

Green Kitchen


Practical Activities

We have prepared an activity called “What is your favourite food?”

Click on the image to download the activity.

Logo Kitchen Stories

You can also download a good practice on how to use Kitchen Stories (Workshop in CDUV Draga)
Click on the image to download the good practice.
Example Kitchen stories


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