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This application is free and it is only in English and Spanish, we have chosen it because it is highly intuitive.

In the homepage you can access the guide for parents. To access you must click on the “parents” button and slip it in the direction asked in the text, that is changing.

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Inside the guide there are several sections:

  • Tips and strategies, very useful information to families and professionals.
  • Breathe with the monster (modelling. How the monster does follow the voice Instructions).
  • Personalize this app (it allows you to record your voice to be it more familiar).
  • About this application (where to find more information on this application and other similar).

In this section you would find very detailed suggestions and strategies containing texts, videos and images. This section is divided in 9 sections oriented to work conflict solving and control emotions in a general sense.

Among others you will find strategies for perseverance, to face separation, to practice patience, to overcome mistakes, to foster self-confidence and communication skills, to encourage independence, to control bad or aggressive behaviour, to handle sibling rivalry and to adapt to a housing move.

The dimensions of quality that you can work with this app are: emotional well-being, how to make decisions, how to resolve conflicts and how to interact properly with others.

Breathe can help to:

  • Solve daily problems and how to overcome daily challenges.
  • Control frustration.
  • Be aware that it is appropriate calm down.
  • Take decisions choosing from 3 alternatives: asking for help to a person that is not an IDP and this person do it for them, doing it himself with modelling or doing it himself step by step.
  • Learn a problem resolution strategy: breathe, thinking following a plan, decide and act.



It is an app that explains step by step all tasks to do, how to make them and what is intended to achieve with situational conflicts presented. Although the app explains in detail all the steps, it is advisable to work with families and professionals to help them relax and make decisions.

It is an app that can be used without internet, but it is recommended to check occasionally for new updates, which may allow better functioning of the app and even new games.

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The dimensions of quality of life that you can work with this app are: emotional well-being, how to make decisions, how to resolve conflicts and how to interact properly with others.

There are four types of intensity of support:

  • Intermittent (equivalent to self or autonomous). Support “when necessary”. It is characterized by its episodic nature. Thus, the person does not always need (the) support (s), or requires only short-term support for transitions in the life cycle (worsening of disease). Intermittent supports may be provided with high or low intensity.
  • Limited. Intensity of support characterized by their temporal persistence for a limited time, and not intermittent. It may require less professionals and fewer costs than other more intensive levels of support (job training for a limited time).
  • Extensive. Supports characterized by regular (eg daily) in at least some settings (such as home or work) and without time limit (for example, long-term support).
  • Widespread. Supports characterized by stability and high intensity; provided in different settings; with the possibility of be maintained throughout life. These widespread support often require more staff and more likely to support the extensive intrusion or limited.


If you are a relative or a professional and you going to play Breathe with and IDP, you must take into account that:

  • While playing the IDP can tell you why he or she feels frustrated or nervous, and maybe he or she doesn’t want to share those feelings with anyone else. Please keep that information in between you, it is the only way to build trust. Use that information to help him or her to feel better.
  • If you play Breathe in groups it is advisable not to use personal examples unless the person in question gives permission to do so. In this cases, use common or general examples where the IDPs belonging to that group can see themselves identified.


Within the App, in the PARENTS/RELATIVES section (above and to the left of the screen), you will find texts, videos, voice-over, images… with explanations of use, objectives, functionalities, and other materials.

See how to access with the following video-tutorial:

More materials are available at the following page:

Practical Activities

We have prepared the following activity to use with Breathe: LET’S TAKE IT EASY.

Click in the title to download.


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