How to use this web?

  • This web contains information about several apps.
  • These apps may help you to improve your quality of life, to do more things and to enjoy.

How is this web organized?

There are four sections within this web:

  • Training content: here you can search nice apps and learn how you can use them.
  • Work space: here you can contact with other people that is using the web.
  • Help: instructions, tutorials and FAQs about this web.
  • About the project: brief information about the creators of this page.

Which is the best app for me?

  • To know it, go to the “Training content” section and click on the START button.
  • You will find then a brief test. Read it and see the images: What do you want to do? Select one option and click on the button “Search apps”.
  • After that you will find a list with one or more apps.
  • Click on one of these apps to access the materials about that app.

Watch this short video to know how to select apps:


What can I find at each app?

Each app contains the following information:

  • APP Presentation: basic information and purpose of the app.
  • Guidelines: this section shows you how to install and use the app. From here you can download detailed tutorials on how to install app in your smartphone, tablet or PC, and how to use the app.
  • Practical activities: examples or exercises to practice with the app


Watch this short video to know how to see the apps:


And what if I need more help?

  • Ask your relatives or monitors if you have doubts using this web.
  • You can also share your doubts at the “Work space” section.

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